The Murder of Eliza Howard   Lead                      Aylia Colwell - Awesome Premise Productions

Dr. Horrible's Unofficial           Supporting           Patrick Donahue and Danni Spring - Actor Pat

          Sing-Along Sequel                                                    Productions

Severus Snape and the            Supporting           Justin Zagri - Broad Strokes Productions


Fishbowl                                      Lead                      Miranda Stewart - Awesome Premise Productions
Once Upon A Time in Vienna   Lead                      Sienna Beckman – Awesome Premise Productions
Somewhere Only We Know      Lead                      Malika Franklin – USC
Nourish                                        Lead                      Kelly Nguyen – USC
I Miss You, Dignity                      Lead                      Robin Feldman – Mad X Productions

Slashers 101                                Supporting          David Gunther – Chapman University

The Soul of Mr. Rate                  Supporting (VO)  Sam Slesinger – Occidental College

Watching the World Die            Supporting           Jeven Dovey – Occidental College


On The Verge                         Alexandra                                    dir. Patrick Day
Hair                                         Jeanie                                            dir. Alan Freeman
Peter Pan                               Peter Pan                                      dir. Sara Roberts
Legends of Sleepy Hollow   Katrina                                          dir. Gwendolyn Lukas-Doctor
The American Dream           Grandma                                      dir. Steffan Scrogan

Phyllis and Xenobia              Xenobia                                        Colorado Convention Center

The Real Love                        Ensemble                                     dir. Chris Shelton

Richard II                                Bagot                                            dir. John Bouchard

Saint Joan                               English Soldier/Dunois Page    dir. Alan Freeman

Evita                                        Young Eva/Chorus                      dir. John DuFresne

Little Caesars



Training & Workshops

Acting:                        London Dramatic Academy – Richard Digby Day, Miriam Karlin, Alyson King,

                                                                          Delena Kidd, Rosamund Shelley, Michael Winter,

                                                                          Caryll Ziegler

                                    Occidental College, BA in Theater, Cum Laude – John Bouchard, Alan Freeman,

                                                                          Jamie Angell, J.P. Allen

                                    YAS – Patrick Day, Nora Eckstein

                                    Krater Studios – Jen Krater

Improv:                       iOWest – Levin O'Connor, Annie O'Connor

                                    ComedySportzLA - Rick Steadman, Joy Mamey

                                    YAS – Patrick Day

Dance/Movement:   Alexander Technique, Period Movement/Etiquette, Laban Movement

Voice:                         Mezzo Soprano



Hand-to-Hand Stage Combat

Rapier Stage Combat




French (native speaker)

Oxbridge Dialect

Cockney Dialect

East Texan Dialect

New York Dialect

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