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Theatrical Reel




Fishbowl is a feature film produced by and starring Aylia Colwell. Here is a teaser trailer. You can watch the movie through Amazon here

Comedic Reel

Commercial Reel


Here is a compilation of commercials Aylia has worked on.

In A Nutshell Vlog Series



Aylia can be seen in this webseries, where she highlights in an entertaining way significant figures all throughout history. Check out one of the more popular installments about the Bard.

Granger Things



If you are a huge Harry Potter fan who has also asked questions like "Why doesn't Ilvermorny participate in the Triwizard Tournament?", "Are people really not concerned about the House Elf situation?" and "Why do they take Astronomy?", then Granger Things is the web series for you. Check out our Health Care episode above!

Starring Woody Allen



You've seen Twilight through the eyes of Aaron Sorkin, but have you seen the Hunger Games through the eyes of Woody Allen? You've never seen him like this! Check out the full series here.

If Aaron Sorkin Had Written



Here is the most popular episode of the web series "If Aaron Sorkin Had Written" where Aylia can be seen playing the infamous Edward Cullen. The rest of the series can seen here, featuring scenes from Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Matrix, Avatar, and more!

The REAL League of Justice League



Here is a popular episode of the superhero web series in which Aylia can be seen as the insatiable Falcon Girl opposite an unstoppable cast of latex-clad vigilantes. The full first season can be seen here.

Vote Right



While Aylia may not appear on screen here, this parody commercial outlining potential risks of voting republican was written, directed, and produced by her. 

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