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Writing Projects

Aren't anxieties and insecurities hillarious? If I try hard enough, maybe I can convince myself that it's true. 

Behold my coping mechanism, my comic series "Reasons My Friends Hate Me". If you like it, then I'll feel validated. What else could matter more?

The White Mask Society

Intended as the first of a trilogy, the White Mask Society is a sci-fi fantasy book that works as a stand alone story.

It is about a young woman who finds herself in the center of a mad scientist's plans to become all powerful as a result of her ability to see the future.

It's in progress, but if you want to publish it - gosh, wouldn't that be great? You should totally do that. Call me.


Millennials is a half hour comedy in the vein of Friends meets Seth MacFarlane. Or like New Girl but with more women. 

This is the show for every person who's ever said they hate people. Me too, random person. Me too. 

In addition to having women, this show also has dogs, because dogs are better than people. Yes, I do believe that, and so does 68% of the US population. And yes, that is a made up statistic. It may surprise you to know that there are, in fact, no official statistics to illustrate how many people prefer dogs to humans. But I digress.

Millennials. They literally can't even. 

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